1. How long does shipping take? Depending on your country, shipping times vary. You can find more information on our Shipping page.

3. What do the crystals taste like? ROCKJAW is sugar free. The taste of Natural highly resembles a cedar-like taste in the opening.

2. How do I track my order? Standard delivery does not qualify for tracking. Usually, the tracking number is emailed along with your dispatch confirmation. All orders are posted with Royal Mail.

3. Does ROCKJAW contain dangerous chemicals? No. ROCKJAW is completely safe to use. The Natural variant is completely added ingredient-free!

4. How long does the taste last for? The flavoured variants are designed to provide a short burst of flavour to mask the traditional mastic taste. In it's natural form, mastic has a cedar-like flavour.

5. When will I see results? You can expect to start seeing results within the first 3 weeks with proper training. However, after the first 3 months of using ROCKJAW, you can expect to see significant changes in structure and strength.

6. How should I store ROCKJAW? Please store in a cool, dry place. The gum is susceptible to melting in hot and humid conditions. We are not responsible for heat damaged units.

7. Where is ROCKJAW made? ROCKJAW is designed and made in the UK using mastic gum from Greece. All units are shipped from the United Kingdom. Check our blog post to learn more.

8. Why not just chew regular gum? Yes, chewing gum can make a difference - but a very small amount - otherwise every regular gum chewer would have a sharp, chiseled jawline right now. ROCKJAW is 10X stronger than regular gum that trains the muscles in your jaw for growth and strength. 

9. How long should I chew it for? ROCKJAW must not be chewed for more than 2 hours a day unless advised. The optimal time for beginners is between 10-30 minutes.

10. I'm on a liquid diet - will this help to strengthen my jaw? Yes! ROCKJAW can also help to regain jaw strength. We have many customers who are on liquid diets.

11. My gum has completely melted, what can I do? Provided that you store it correctly, the gum should not melt. If melted, place it in the refrigerator for an hour to regain strength. You must follow our storage instructions for ROCKJAW to be effective. 1. Store in a cool & dry place 2. We recommend using our storage tins with our flavoured variants to avoid clumping.

12. Does ROCKJAW affect TMJ? ROCKJAW can be used with precaution. If you suffer from TMJ, do not chew larger pieces and ONLY chew for 5-10 minutes a day. We recommend opting for Tuff Gum if you have TMJ, as this is easier to chew. Please consult with a dental professional before starting your training program with ROCKJAW.

13. My crystals have stuck together slightly - Drop the tin from 6 feet high to break the pieces apart. 

14. My tracking number won't work on Royal Mail Track & Trace - Enter your tracking number at https://parcelsapp.com/