How is ROCKJAW Made?

How is ROCKJAW Made?

A question many customers have asked. How is ROCKJAW made?

Although it may look simple, it's a long process for sure. So, here is a summary of how we make the nation's favourite jawline gum.

Step 1: Get the mastic gum. 🚚 

We get fresh mastic gum imported from Chios, Greece. Once arrived, we organise all the mastic crystals - ranging from the hardest to the softest crystals. Over 90% of mastic crystals are discarded as they are not up to standards for ROCKJAW due to their weak structure.

Step 2: Select the right size crystals. 💎 

Great. So now we have all the solid pieces left. Now we select the right sized pieces for each ROCKJAW unit. We incorporate larger and medium-sized crystals for each pack. Over 50% of the original mastic delivery consists of too small mastic gum crystals - which are also discarded. What we are left with are the finest mastic gum crystals ready for the next procedure.

Step 3: Flavours. Delicious. 🤤 

All the suitable crystals are heated up to a temperature where the flavouring is best held. All of our flavours are 100% natural, sugar-free and vegan. Once heated to this specific temperature, the flavouring is added and left to be cooled down on a tray.

Step 4: Packaging 📦 

ROCKJAW Jawline Gum - Packaging

All ROCKJAW packs contain between 30-32 crystals - depending on the size of crystals. We handle the whole process manually and by hand - ensuring full safety. Once the crystals are packed, we top it off with a safety seal and carefully tighten the lid. 

ROCKJAW Jawline Gum

The units then move along to be boxed in our own-branded storage boxes where they are sealed shut, ready to be packed inside our matte black mailers. 

For the full snippets of the journey on packaging to assembly, follow our Instagram page and keep up with the highlights!

Step 5: Straight to your door.🚪 

No orders are pre-packed and is assembled on an order. We will put everything together for you and dispatch it either the same or next-working day.

This is ROCKJAW - The UK's No.1 Jawline Gum.

Thank you to all customers for supporting us. Til' next time folks!

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