The Flavour Walkthrough

The Flavour Walkthrough

Which flavour is the best? Here, we discuss the flavour profile for ROCKJAW to help you make a better decision. These opinions are mine and taste may vary according to your tastebuds. Let's crack on.

Natural Mastic Gum: A cedar/woody taste. Best for those looking to have an all-natural experience.

Intensity: Medium


Apple Hulk: Our best-selling, staple flavour. A delicious and refreshing sweet/sour apple pop. Best for those that love Apple. 🍏 

Intensity: Strong


Strawberry Candy: Also one of the best-selling flavours. It has a a sweet strawberry candy vibe (It smells REAL good). Best for those that like strawberry flavoured candy. 🍓 

Intensity: Low


Butter Toffee: VERY SWEET. For those that not only have a sweet tooth, but sweet teeth. A rich and sweet toffee flavour. 🍬 

Intensity: Strong


Banana Delight: Tastes like banana milkshake. A balance between a fruity and sweet taste. Best for those that love banana milkshake! 🍹 

Intensity: Medium


Exotic Mango: One of my personal favourites. Tastes unique and refreshing. Reminds me of a good ole' summer day hence the name. Best for those that miss summer! ☀️ 

Intensity: Medium

Of course, we have the seasonal limited edition flavours that are not included in this list. 

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