Our Mission


'How to get a sharper jawline?' is one of the most searched questions on Google.

GENETICS. The word people throw around when something doesn't go their way. 

"I'm never going to be strong - IT'S MY GENETICS"

"I'm never going to look like that - IT'S MY GENETICS"

Yes, sometimes genetics can affect you - such as medical conditions, your height and being colourblind, but there is a predisposed belief that you cannot change the way you look.

From body to face structure - people pin it down to their genetics. Many individuals are so focused on their genetics that they never try to make a change.

"You never fail until you stop trying" - Albert Einstein

Me? I grew up with one of the worst facial structures. I had no jaw structure and even after losing body fat - I was left searching for the jawline I always wanted. 

Then, I compared myself with some famous people with strong jawlines. What did they look like as youngsters? Why do they ALL have sharp jawlines?

Jon Kortajarena - a famous model wasn't born with a sharp and chiseled jawline. The reality is many people gain a good jaw structure with exercise - comparable to working out your biceps. Your diet, your habits, they all play a huge role on how you look.


The problem wasn't just fat, but weak masseter muscles.

Masseter muscles are located in the jaw that give you a chiselled look.


It's time to bring a change. I created ROCKJAW to help individuals gain confidence in themselves.

Why mastic gum? Because mastic is 10x stronger than regular gum and helps you to get an even jawline - giving you even and symmetrical results unlike rubber/silicone jawline trainers on the market.


Unlike other companies, we are similarly priced, offer more and flavoured. Yes - it still may seem expensive for 'just gum that lasts a month' but this gum is nothing ordinary. Just think about how much you spend per month on a basic Starbucks cappuccino.

Chios mastic, like the name suggests, is only available from once place in the world, Chios. This makes it difficult to source and most importantly - costly.

The process takes hours to separate the good crystals that end up in your tins - which equates to around 30% per box. The remaining 70% is unworthy.

It's your choice, are the results worth the price you pay?