Our Mission

ROCKJAW Gum Transformational  

'How to get a sharper jawline?' is one of the most searched questions on Google.

GENETICS. The word people throw around when something doesn't go their way. 

"I'm never going to be strong - IT'S MY GENETICS"

"I'm never going to look like that - IT'S MY GENETICS"

Yes, sometimes genetics can affect you - such as medical conditions, your height and being colourblind, but there is a predisposed belief that you cannot change the way you look.

From body to face structure - people pin it down to their genetics. Many individuals are so focused on their genetics that they never try to make a change.

"You never fail until you stop trying" - Albert Einstein



Me? I grew up with one of the worst facial structures. I had no jaw structure and even after losing body fat - I was left searching for the jawline I always wanted. 

Then, I noticed some models with strong jawlines.

What did they look like before? Why do they ALL have sharp jawlines?

Jon Kortajarena - a famous model wasn't born with a sharp and chiseled jawline. The reality is many people gain a good jaw structure with exercise - comparable to working out your biceps.

Your diet, your habits, they all play a huge role on how you look - just like they do with every other muscle group.



The problem wasn't FAT, it was WEAK masseter muscles.

Masseter muscles are located in the jaw that give you a chiselled look.

Many people say "Just lose fat and you'll get a jawline" but I was a skinny, underweight individual with less than 9% body fat.



It's time to bring a change. I created ROCKJAW to help individuals gain confidence in their jawlines.



Because mastic is 10x stronger than regular gum and helps you to get an even jawline - giving you even and symmetrical results, unlike rubber/silicone jaw trainers on the market.


But Mastic Is Too Expensive For Me

Don't worry! - That's why we created the ROCKJAW Tuff Gum - a much more affordable solution to your jawline problems. 

(It's still 10X Stronger Than Regular Gum)

Check it out HERE!



Chios mastic, like the name suggests, is only available from once place in the world, Chios. This makes it difficult to source and most importantly - expensive.

Yes - it still may seem expensive for 'just gum that lasts a month' but this gum is nothing ordinary. It can be reused and never disintegrates in your mouth like regular gum.

Plus, we have a subscription service that saves you a recurring 10% on every order!


Try it for yourself or get your money back.

Ps. Just think about how much you spend a month on a basic Starbucks cappuccino....


The Process

It takes us hours to separate the good crystals that end up in your tins (which equates to around 40% per box) and the remaining 60% are unworthy.

It's your choice, are the results worth the price you pay?


                                                                                - Founder, Sachin