ROCKJAW vs. Rubber

ROCKJAW vs. Rubber

By now, you already know that ROCKJAW is made from premium mastic gum deriving from Chios, Greece. 

So, today we are going to compare the difference between rubber and silicone jawline products vs. ROCKJAW. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make an informed decision that best suits you.

First, let's start by running through the advantages of ROCKJAW. 



1. Targets the rear molars effectively

2. Natural chewing motion

3. Prevents facial asymmetry or asymmetric results

4. Several health benefits

5. Flavoured

6. Antimicrobial and protects dental health and cavities

7. Helps digestion

8. Gum can be stacked or broken down to suit chewing for max results



1. Hard to find

2. Expensive

3. Natural taste may not suit everyone


What we do

Of course, you can buy mastic gum yourself from places such as eBay. 90% of the mastic gum in these packs will be ineffective as they will be weak and too soft.

We pick out the BEST crystals for ROCKJAW and discard the rest - this makes an already extremely labourous product even more difficult to make. 




1. Can be used more than once

2. Easy to find online

3. No taste

4. Cheaper

5. No melting



1. Unnatural bite

2. Could cause facial asymmetry

3. Breaks easily due to sharp teeth

4. Requires purchasing of different strengths for progress

5. Some balls can cause damage and TMJ

Most silicone products are miles better than exercise balls - which may cause damage to your jaw. You can find silicone trainers online that do a better job. Hope this blog helps you to make an informed decision.


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