Mastic Gum Health Benefits

Mastic Gum Health Benefits

Once worth its weight in Gold, Greek mastic has been around for centuries. However, today we are not here to talk about the history of mastic. Mastic has been known to improve health and is rich in antioxidants. Here, we have a list of benefits with scientific studies. These reasons conclude as to why we chose mastic for our jawline gum.

Mastic gum and H. Pylori

Mastic gum has been hailed for its antimicrobial properties. Studies showed that mastic was effective against H. Pylori, a difficult bacteria to treat - which is deemed to be a dominant cause of stomach ulcers (Source: VeryWellHealth).

Helps to treat indigestion

This gum also helps to treat indigestion. A study concluded that after 3 weeks of taking mastic, there was an improvement in symptoms in 77% of the people given mastic compared to 40% in the placebo (Source: VeryWellHealth)

Helps to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels

A study involving 156 healthy participants found that those consuming mastic gum had lower total cholesterol and blood sugar levels after 8 weeks. Another study found that individuals that too 5g of mastic powder a day had lower triglyceride and insulin levels just after 6 months.

Prevents bad breath and protects dental health

Mastic could help to reduce plaque buildup and potentially reduce bad breath. It's antimicrobial properties help to reduce bacteria in the mouth, reducing the likelihood of dental issues.

 There are several other claimed health benefits, however these are the ones with good scientific studies. Either way, if you can reap these benefits whilst getting a sick jawline, why not?

This is why mastic makes for a good jawline gum - and the main reason why we chose it for ROCKJAW. 

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