How to Correctly Store ROCKJAW Gum

How to Correctly Store ROCKJAW Gum

Mastic gum - although extremely tough, it succumbs to heat pretty easily. Heat damages the integrity of the mastic gum, making it less effective and changing the flavour. To prevent your ROCKJAW from getting melted or damaged, here is a short guide on how to store your gum properly.

1. Seal the tin properly - This will prevent heat from entering your ROCKJAW and will prolong its shelf life. 

2. Store in the box provided - Our new premium ROCKJAW box allows you to store the mastic gum tin inside. Unless you're carrying it around, try to keep it in there.

3. Don't carry it in your pocket - Your body gives off a lot of heat and can be absorbed by the metal tin and into the mastic gum. When carrying ROCKJAW around, try to place it in a fanny pack, backpack or other external storage to prolong its shelf life.

4. Consume within the given time frame - Nothing lasts forever. Consume within the time frame. 1 Month for each 1 Months of supply. Plain mastic gum doesn't have an expiry date so the Natural flavour is exempt from this rule. However, all flavoured variants must abide by this rule.

5. My gum is getting softer...- If your gum has gotten softer, place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

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