Does Chewing Gum Help You Get A Sharp Jawline?

Does Chewing Gum Help You Get A Sharp Jawline?

Chewing gum has been used as a beauty hack for years, and it's still going strong. But does chewing gum help jawline?

Introduction To Chewing Gum & Your Masseter Muscles

The jaw isn't just made up of bones — it also has muscle tissue in it, says plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer, who specializes in facial rejuvenation surgery at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology in New York City. And like other muscles in our bodies, the masseter muscle (which runs from below the earlobe to the chin) gets bigger when we use it more often or with more force.

That's why people who chew gum often develop a squarer jawline — especially if they chew gum all day long.

Chewing gum is one of the best ways to get a sharper jawline. The reason for this is simple: chewing gum forces you to tense your jaw muscles, which in turn makes them stronger and firmer. It's also an excellent way to maintain good oral health by cleaning your teeth and freshening breath.

The secret behind this popular beauty trend is that chewing gum increases blood circulation in the face, which helps to improve the appearance of your skin. It also helps to flush toxins out of your body, which can help reduce puffiness around your eyes and lips.


Common Causes Of A Weak Jawline

The main reasons why people have a dull chin or jaw are as follows:

1) Stress – Stress makes us feel tired and lethargic, which leads to lack of sleep and poor eating habits (often skipping meals). This results in excess weight gain around our face and neck area which causes sagging skin, making our chins look less defined than before.

2) Ageing – With age, our skin becomes thinner and sags due to loss of collagen (protein) from our skin cells which gives it strength and elasticity. This causes deep wrinkles around our face, including areas such as under the eyes, forehead, cheeks and chin area which makes it appear duller than before.

Chewing gum helps you lose weight by reducing appetite, increasing metabolism and providing energy - however, there are no conclusive studies to prove this.


Facial Fat

Here are two main ways to reduce the fat pads around your face and chin:

1) Facial exercises (which we'll talk about later) can help to reduce them by building new muscle under the skin;

2) Exercises like chin-ups or pull-ups will also help by building muscle under the skin and making you look leaner overall.

The chewing action helps to tone the muscles in your face, which can improve the contours of your face over time. Chewing gum also helps to keep your mouth in a more open position, which makes it easier to breathe through your nose.

It’s also worth mentioning that chewing gum can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face, since it helps tone down the muscle contractions that cause them.

Is It That Easy?

However, it's not this easy - in order to reap these benefits, it's important to chew gum that is hard enough to train your masseter muscles (located in your jaw area that give them a prominent look). 

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