ROCKJAW Gum - What is mewing?

What is Mewing?

Mewing is an unconventional dental practice developed by Dr. John Mew and brought to the wider community by his son, Dr. Mike Mew. I personally mew whilst chewing ROCKJAW and will be discussing this below. 

What is mewing?

Mewing is a technique that is based on maintaining a correct tongue posture. The pressure a correct tongue posture creates on the upper palette allows horizontal growth of the jaw - which is why it has become a popular practise in the modern-day. 

Does mewing really work?

The age old debate between conventional and non-conventional believers. Does mewing really work?

Understandably though, it depends from person to person. For example, for mewing to work you must have a wide enough palette for your tongue to sit comfortably.

If not, an individual is much better off getting a palette expander to create room for the tongue. Improper breathing practices such as breathing from the mouth can affect your face structure and your tongue must rest at the roof of your mouth. 

You can find a list of before and after transformations of mewing over the internet with an ever-growing Reddit mewing community. 

Maximising results

Chewing ROCKJAW will help taking mewing to the next mile.

In fact, Dr. Mike Mew recommends mastic as one of the best ways to enhance mewing results, as it creates significant pressure to allow hypertrophy. 

Mewing and chewing ROCKJAW will help you to maximise results in a shorter period of time. 

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I love mewing. I first discovered mewing a few months ago and started to mew and use rockjaw at the same time. I have seen some incredible results so far. The new subscription service will be great for long term users like myself that can save the hassle and money ordering. Love Apple Hulk the most though! :)


ROCKJAW, being made from mastic gum which is advocated by the great Dr. Mike Mew is on the right track. I have been mewing for a year now and just got my own ROCKJAW tin. It will give you a chiselled jawline – significantly faster if you mew alongside. Can’t wait to try some of the other flavors.


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