The Mewing Craze - Does it match the hype? ROCKJAW

The Mewing Craze - Does It Match The Hype?

The Mewing Craze - Does It Match The Hype?


For those who are looking to bring some definition to their jawline, finding a method that promises fast results can be an exciting prospect. 


One jaw-defining method that has gained steam lately is mewing - a DIY jaw and face restructuring methodology that involves relearning a new method for resting your tongue in your mouth. 


Proponents of mewing claim that the practice can help reshape one's face by strengthening the muscles that support your cheekbones, slimming the jawline, and more once mastered. But does mewing give the results? Read on to learn more about the latest craze in jaw definition.


What is Mewing?

The modern practice of mewing was named for British orthodontist and expert Dr. Mike Mew. While the latest mewing craze may seem like a new phenomenon, orthodontists and facial reconstruction experts have been practicing variations of this tongue-maneuvering technique for decades.


If you watch videos online from mewing fans, many will claim that their mewing practice has helped them reduce jaw pain, improve their snoring and overall sleep, and even define their jawline and make their face look thinner.


How to Mew

The main goal of mewing is retraining your tongue to rest on the top of your mouth rather than on the bottom of your jaw. For most, years of muscle training in the mouth has caused them to naturally rest their tongue on the bottom of their mouth.


To mew properly, you must work to rest your tongue on the top of your mouth - including the back of your tongue. This method may seem uncomfortable at first, but mewing aficionados claim that your mouth will eventually retrain itself to respond naturally with practice.


Is Mewing Legitimate?

While mewing has become a popular method for enhancing your jaw strength and definition, the research doesn't support this claim. 


The main cause of a defined jawline is the development of a strong jawline muscle, which you can achieve through weight training and other methods that target specific muscles in your body.


In a study of mewing practitioners, researchers found that one-third showed little to no change in their overall jaw muscles in either definition or response. 


While mewing may offer some reduction in jaw-related pain and obstruction, more research is needed to prove this method is effective. 


Improve Your Jawline with RockJaw

Mewing may not be quite as promising as sensational videos claim. Yet seeking a stronger jawline is still a legitimate goal. To accomplish this, you may need to spend time in the gym, invest in expensive facial weight-training equipment, or opt for invasive jaw surgery - all of which are costly and can require years of commitment.


For those looking to enhance their jawline definition, there is an effective option available - one that doesn't require expensive surgery, cumbersome facial weights, or lengthy hours with complicated mouth-training techniques. 


RockJaw is the first mastic-based jawline gum on the market proven to build jawline definition and strength. Made with 100% natural mastic - a natural and safe tree resin harvested in the island of Chios, Greece - RockJaw is designed to help you build definition in your masseter muscles through hypertrophy, which leads to enhanced definition in your jawline. 


RockJaw is the perfect alternative to mewing, allowing you to enhance your jawline by bringing out its natural definition through new muscle development. With regular use, RockJaw can help you achieve that sculpted look without any of the risks associated with invasive surgery or troublesome mouth exercises. Plus, it tastes great!


Want to learn more? RockJaw is celebrating it's first anniversary as the leading mastic jaw gum in the world, so head online now to take advantage of exclusive discounts on RockJaw products!

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