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How to Mew Correctly

Mewing isn't easy. It's a process which requires a long time to become comfortable with - but we've got you covered.

In the last blog, we briefly talked about mewing and the general basis on how it works. Today, we will be discussing the results and Dr. Mike Mew's approach to mewing. It's like a mini starter pack to get you mewing. 

What are the best mewing techniques? Mewing is a contemporary concept that involves pushing your tongue to against the roof of your mouth, with your molars in contact. Many orthodontists condemn this technique to protect the multi-billion dollar dental industry, but was brought to light by John Mew's son, Mike Mew. 

Now, there have been several mewing transformations that have astonished the dental community. mewing before and after

A 6 month transformation from a fellow Reddit user.

Mewing tutorial explained by Dr. Mike Mew.

Looking to learn how to mew? Here's a mewing tutorial by Dr. Mike Mew himself explaining the concept by Mike Mew can be accessed below. The consequences of mewing properly result in a sharper jawline, better posture, better breathing and can prevent snoring and sleep apnea. 

Our friends over at Mewingpedia have all the information you need. To access their full Mewing 101 guide, follow the link at the end of the blog. 

Mewing and ROCKJAW Gum

ROCKJAW jawline gum was developed from the concept of mewing. Our jawline gum is specifically designed to build your jawline. Chewing ROCKJAW gum will help you to get the fastest results to get a sharper jawline. 

ROCKJAW, made from Chios Greek mastic gum, activates the molars to exert significant pressure to improve your jaw structure by exercising the masseter muscles. Mastic gum is highly recommended by Dr. Mike Mew as one of the best ways to strengthen your jawline.

To get the best results with ROCKJAW, incorporate these mewing exercises into your chewing program. Don't forget to visit Mewingpedia for more tips & tricks on how to mew.

Mewing 101

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Mewing is an effective method to improve your appearance. Nevertheless, you have to be attentive to the details so as not to exacerbate problems in the face. For example, pressure with the tongue on the front teeth can lead to open bite and gaps between the teeth. Anyone who wants to start to mew should first read some detailed tutorial (for example: to avoid mistakes.


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