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What is Mewing Gum?

Mastic gum originates from one place in the world, Chios. Once upon a time, mastic gum was worth it's weight in Gold!

In the modern day however, mastic is still not a cheap product. Since it is only produced in Chios, it is extremely rare. Adding to that, it is a painstaking and laborious process to collect mastic that takes farmers a whole year to cultivate! What happened when mastic was stolen? The person was ordered to be executed by the request of the sultan. 

Chios is an island in Greece that contains specials trees that grow this gum. Mastic has several uses, ranging from cooking all the way to medicinal practices.

What makes mastic gum great? Why do people love mastic? There are several reasons to explain this.

1. It prevents tooth decay

2. It is great for digestive health

3. It is 10X stronger than regular gum

4. It has antimicrobial properties

5. Effective in fighting the H Pylori bacteria

There are plenty of sources and studies that show the benefits of mastic gum.


Mastic Gum Jawline?

Mastic gum makes for a great jawline gum. Since it is 10X stronger than regular gum, it has the ability to exercise and help masseter muscle hypertrophy. Just like working out in the gym, your jawline muscles will eventually grow - giving you a sharper and chiselled jawline.

Mastic, unlike rubber and silicone products, offers a natural biting motion that is helpful in achieving facial symmetry. This is something to consider as although you may expect to buy rubber/silicone products once, they have a tendency to crack after a while - which will end up costing more in the long run than mastic.

The traditional taste of mastic gum is woody/cedar-like. You either love it or hate it. This is what makes ROCKJAW a unique jawline gum. Like nothing else on the market, we took this into consideration and incorporated flavoured variants into our range.

We currently have 4 flavours and plenty more are on their way. 

Get yours at our Shop. 

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