Using ROCKJAW Now and Later

Using ROCKJAW Now and Later

A lot of questions revolving around using ROCKJAW for the long-term have been raised. Here, we walk through the short-term and long-term uses of ROCKJAW Jawline Gum.

Using ROCKJAW in the short-term

Using ROCKJAW mastic gum in the short-term is known to be beneficial to gain jaw strength and enhance the jaw structure. Short-term use is ideal for those on a meal replacement diet/liquid diet that do not get the same chewing experience as traditional food. This results in a weakened jaw and makes it difficult to chew once you get back on a traditional food diet. ROCKJAW combats this and helps users to regain jaw strength.

Using ROCKJAW in the long-term?

Ideal long-term chewers include those that are looking to improve their jawline and maintain a sharp jaw structure. These individuals aim to chew ROCKJAW for 1+ years to enhance and further develop their jawline.

Once desired results are obtained, users will enter the maintenance phase. In the maintenance phase, ROCKJAW consumption can be decreased to a 1 to 2 times a week to prevent loss of muscle - the same principle as attending the gym. It is important that you follow the maintenance phase to prevent loss of volume. This will be discussed at a later date and how to make the transition to the maintenance phase effectively.

The Take

To sum up, it is important to evaluate your goals to get the best results out of ROCKJAW. We work with both types of customers to ensure all individuals get optimal use from our product. Check out our blog page to learn more about how you can enjoy your experience with us!

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