Is Mewing The Future?

Is Mewing The Future?

We have already discussed the reasons why you should be mewing and the benefits it can bring alongside chewing ROCKJAW. 

So, is mewing the future? Let's find out.

1. It's free to do - It's free, you can correct your jaw structure without spending £ on expensive procedures at dental practices.

2. Your tongue must rest on the roof of your mouth. If your tongue does not fit on the roof of your mouth, unfortunately this will not work for you. You will require traditional correction methods to fix these abnormalities.

3. Stay at home. With everyone currently at home chilling or WFH, more people will turn towards unorthodox methods to take care of themselves. We could see a lot more people turn to mewing during this phase.

4. It works. Tongue positioning and jaw structures have been evaluated for centuries now. Studies show the benefits of mewing and how our ancestors had amazing jaw structures. ROCKJAW, made from mastic gum, helps to accelerate this process giving you a better jawline.

The mass adoption of mewing can seriously change the dental industry. 

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