How to Chew ROCKJAW? (FREE Training Plan)

How to Chew ROCKJAW? (FREE Training Plan)

A lot of people have contacted us to find out how to chew ROCKJAW and mastic gum the proper way. 

We would like to thank all customers that have supported our business and have decided to create a FREE workout plan to help you get the most out of our jawline gum. This plan is created using professional and proven techniques that follow a carefully planned system designed to maximise the results of your ROCKJAW gum.

To explain how this plan works, we will start by identifying what the figures mean. The plan consists of 2 numbers - the former being the number of repetitions and the latter the number of sets. 

For example, 25x4 translates to 25 repetitions, 4 times - totalling to 100 repetitions. This will be required on each side of the jaw to prevent asymmetrical results. 

We have included rest days between training days to give your jaw time to recover and for jawline growth. Please do not ignore rest days as they are important to allow proper recovery of the masseter muscles. If in any case you feel soreness even after taking a rest day, prolong the recovery until you can resume the program without muscle soreness.

The plan is simple and easy to follow so that anyone can use it. You can download it straight to your mobile device, laptop, tablet or screenshot it to follow daily. 

To access this FREE 4-week training program, simply click the link below. 


Remember to restart the 4-week program once you have cycled the full 4-weeks. Check out our blog for mewing to get even better results.

To end this post, we would like to say a huge thank you once again to all customers. We hope you enjoy this program and find it useful.

Signing out, ROCKJAW.

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