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Mewing or Orthodontist?

Will mewing work for you? At ROCKJAW, a question that we get asked frequently is that does mewing work for everyone with a weak jawline?

In this blog, we address a few factors that you must consider before starting your mewing journey. 

Here are the key things to bare in mind:


1. Palate Size

In order to maintain a correct tongue posture and for hard mewing to be effective, it is essential that your tongue is able to fit on the roof of your mouth. Hard mewing involves putting pressure on the roof of your mouth. A narrow palate will result in ineffective posture and will require you to seek other options.

If you have a narrow palate, reconsider your options before starting mewing. Palate expanders are commonly used to correct this.


2. TMJ

If you're prone to clenching your teeth, improper practice of mewing can make matters worse. If you're unsure about how to mew, think again before starting.

If you need more information on how to mew, simply visit our friends over to mewingpedia.com for more information.


3. Dental or serious mouth issues

If you're suffering from dental pain or any other issues, we advise not to begin mewing until consulting with a dentist.

Mewing is not a certified practice and misinformed orthodontists may be against the idea - but one thing they do know best is when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums.

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