ROCKJAW Jawline Gum | 1 Month Supply

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10X STRONGER than regular gum.

Begin your journey with ROCKJAW jawline gum for the cost of a cup of coffee a week.

Each pack lasts 1 month containing approx. 30 crystals.

Flavoured variants are designed to give a short, refreshing burst of flavour to mask the traditional wood taste.



Time waits for no one.

Mastic was chewed by caveman back in the day and you saw their jawline. It is recommended by Dr Mike Mew (a British orthodontist that incorporated mewing into the world of dentistry) as one of the best ways to exercise the jawline.

For optimal results, try ROCKJAW with mewing exercises. Be sure to chew evenly on both sides, taking breaks.

Not sure what mewing is? Head over to the experts at



Chew 1 large/2 small crystal of ROCKJAW for 30 mins - 1.5 hours throughout the day. Significantly larger crystals can be broken down.

Download the FREE training program to get quicker and better results. 

Just like any other muscle, it is important to continue working your jawline muscles to maintain and develop the masseter muscles.



Be sure to check the ingredients list in the images (flavoured variants) for allergies before purchasing/using.

Choking hazard, keep away from children under the age of 5.

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